I’m moving my stuff.

Hey guys,

just so you know: I’ll be moving my art and everything else over to my RP blog. The reason is simply that I don’t even use this account anymore and I hardly draw anymore or do anything else apart from roleplaying on Tumblr. You can find me and my stuff at:


I won’t be checking my inbox here anymore, so please use the RP blog to contact me if you want to. ;)

Brain: We should totally spend more time on the face. Hey. HEY. IS THAT ARMOR YOU’RE DRAWING? DUDE! DUUUDE! We SO need to add completely unnecessary details to that, lots of them! Disregard the face, draw dozens of fancy lines on the armor! DO IT NOW!

Drawn for one of my two RP blogs, http://kpitchiner.tumblr.com and I am totally not promoting this right now, haha! It was supposed to be the illustration for a certain scene in one of the RPs, but then I hurt myself and I wasn’t able to draw for two days straight and now the scene has passed and… well. I don’t really need the pic anymore right now. Maybe I’ll use it in a future scene, who knows.

RP Blogs!

I finally found out how to add links to my two crappy RP blogs on my personal blog. I still feel like I’m too stupid for Tumblr, but eh. It’s not like either of them have more than 5 followers. The OC actually has only one follower… myself.


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did it—-

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난 샌디가 피치 발라버리는게 그렇게 좋더라


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NSFW BlackIce Headcanon



I bet someone already thought about this and posted it somewhere.

So basically I’m thinking that Jack has no body heat of his own, because he is a frozen corpse. He can’t really blush, but he still has a beating heart in his chest. And he can’t even pleasure himself (these are the tamest words for jerking off I could come up with!) because, well, he needs heat to do that. Everybody knows what happens to erectile tissue when cold is applied to it.

He needs Pitch to get him off, because Pitch can make him warm and comfy and whatnot, since Pitch has some body heat. That’s a reason for Jack to return to Pitch once he’s experienced what Pitch can do to him. I like the idea of this, because it makes writing reasonable BlackIce stuff a little bit easier.

You may enjoy my fic, “Don’t Fear The Reaper” then. (:


Ha, thanks! At least I have something to do at work now, thank god I’m alone at the office and no colleagues are peeking over my shoulder. I may be using a similar idea in my own fic, but I’m not sure about that yet. It’ll probably be like 6 chapters more before anything like that happens anyway. :D

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Some Pitch’s sketches for the fancomic about ROTG that I’m drawing. (yes, he’ll be in the comic too.)

As I’m not very gifted about him, I had to re-make some sketches (training, training… -_-°°).

If I didn’t very like him in the movie, I love him in the books. So, once again, for his costume, I re-took influences from books.^^



OMG.. why am I surrounded by disgusting people on the bus?!

A guy beside me is eating garlic spread with his fingers, another near me is drinking straight vodka (not that bad but the way she is going about it… ) and another is touching himself.

Public transit. stop.


But it reminds me of the time I took the bus and there was this rather… rugged looking, maybe 50 year old lady picking her nose. I watched her for whatever reason, and when she took her finger out of her nose, she looked at it with a frown and then JUST PUT IT IN HER MOUTH AND LICKED IT CLEAN AUSFGDAHKLHDOKJ

This is one of the reasons I prefer my car.

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